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Constructing The Perfect Cover Letter

Employers and HR managers are looking for hundreds or even thousands of resumes – all from impatient job seekers competing for the same position. All had sufficient qualifications with a bachelor's degree, with more than half of them holding dual degrees.

How do you stand out from a talented and deep group of candidates? It all starts with a great cover letter. Do that a knock-out cover letter! You can also hire cover letter writing professionals through

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Cover letters are the first impression a candidate makes when he meets an employer. Although brief (it shouldn't be more than one page), it serves as an introduction to who you are and what you're talking about. Your resume will highlight honor and education, but your cover letter should highlight you.

Break off the pack with these cover letter tips:

1) Be Personable. Don't just say "Dear Sir" or "Dear Madam". Find out who the HR manager or CEO of the company is. It may take several phone calls, but it shows that you have completed your homework and are ready to move on. Keep things official with "Dear Mr. Jones".

2) You want to be personable in addressing your letter, but also in addressing qualities that make you a good candidate. There's nothing worse than something bland that makes you sound like a robot.

3) Don't mention salary history or ask for salary (unless you think of your career as a flea market). It seems too honest and shows that all you care about his salary. You may have to struggle with lower wages at first, but in the end, it will pay off as you and the company will grow.

4) Complete your letter with proactive close-ups, e.g. "I look forward to seeing you soon" or "Please let me know a good time to meet with you to discuss your company" (be sure to include your company name).

Whether you are planning to create and edit your cover letter, keep in mind that it should be about you in the end and not someone else. Be real and authentic. Nobody likes fake. This will amaze potential employers more than just the list of honors that are given out every day.