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Comic Book Subscriptions for Marvel Comics

It's overwhelming to see all the comics out there. There are comics for children, teens and adults. We all know that Marvel comics are essential for serious comic fans. Popularity of a character can be measured by its age, uniqueness, and popularity. The biggest parameter is the big screen filter. 

The Hollywood producers have made the characters into a movie on the big screen. It is worthy of being followed. You can order marvel comics (also known as ‘strips marvels bestellen’ in Dutch language) online.

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Based on this, my top picks for Marvel characters are:


He is still limited by his personal issues, even though he has become Spider-man thanks to his superpowers and spider-skills. He is a hero who helps others while also struggling for his own.


Tony Stark, a brilliant billionaire who created Iron-Man armor to prove that he was a true superhero. Iron-man 1 & Iron-man 2 made the armor look very real in the movie using high-tech Computer Generated Imagery.


Bruce Banner and his alter ego, exploded by the Gamma radiation blast made him a large, mean, mad, green giant who will smash any obstacle in front of him whenever he gets angry. He shouldn't get mad, right?

Many comic book characters are derived from DC comics, and Marvel comics. Superman and Batman are the big comic book stars that have made DC comics famous. Marvel characters have been made into movies more often than the Ghost Rider and Daredevil, Electra, Daredevil and the Incredible Hulk.