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Cintiq 21ux: A New Solution For Artists

The technology is very advanced. With the advent of new technologies every day on the market, other types of work are becoming easier and faster. Now artists have a reason to enjoy the release of Cintiq 21ux. You can get information on rent cintiq at

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Cintiq 21ux is a new model from Wacom. The Cintiq Wacom display tablet is very popular in the market. With the introduction of the Cintiq 21ux, better performance is now expected with improved ergonomics. This new model has two touch strips on the back, which makes it very popular.

Cintiq 21ux, the new stylus from Wacom Intuos, has new sensor technology. You could say there was no pressure to start painting. This gives Cintiq 21ux users a more natural feeling. The main reason is that this device has a pressure level of 2048, which is actually double that of the previous model. Along with the design factor, one could say that the entire tablet has undergone a redesign. There are roughly eight programmable buttons on each side of the Cintiq 21ux above the frame.

Two touch strips on the side of the tablet make it a great device. This touch strip functions as a mini track pad and can be used for four functions depending on the type of application. This function can only be changed with a thumb. You can change the function using the round buttons on the front of the tablet.

The round button has an LED and indicates the function selected. You can use your middle or index finger to move the touchpad up and down. For example, brush variations can be controlled via this touchpad. Airbrush speed can also be controlled by using the pen with the other hand.