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Category: Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Benefits Of Bath Salt

Bath salt is a natural herbal product that has been used for many years by Native Americans. It is made from seawater, salt, tree sap, and herbs like bearberry and witch hazel. It has been used by Native Americans as a natural way to relax. It is safe to use, as long as you follow…

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Black Truffle Sea Salt

The black truffle is a type of edible meat that is popular in cooking. It is typically prepared using garlic and onions, however, it can also be prepared using the meat of a sheep or goat, or even different fish. The taste of the item comes from its organic origins. Truffles are very delicate, and…

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What Exactly are Organic Foods?

Organic foods are those foods that depend more on natural fertilizers and avoid the use of artificial substances, hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, etc, for its production. Organic foods are produced thanks to a simpler technique called organic farming where compost and manure are the 2 most widely used natural fertilizers. With the use of natural fertilizers,…

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The Importance Of Cancer Screening

The Cancer Society recommends that even asymptomatic people see a doctor for cancer screening. Early discovery is one of the best defenses we can take covering cancer. If the patient already has symptoms, usually cancer has grown (metastasized). This complicates curing with the treatments currently offered. To get more details about cancer screening in Kenya,…

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