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Can You Put Moisturizer On A New Tattoo?

The lotion isn't limited to what you see in the lotion aisle at the grocery store. Oh no, not at all. There are different varieties like whitening lotion, tanning lotion, anti-wrinkle lotion, anti-aging lotion, anti-stretch lotion, weight loss lotion, and many more!

In most cases, regular lotion won't add to your skin, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise. After all, this lotion is not made specifically for tattoos. On the other hand, special moisturizer for tattoos and permanent makeup have been developed to treat, protect and nourish the life of your tattoo.

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Tattoo lotions contain ingredients that speed up the healing process. These products are saturated with vitamins and nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin and refresh it from within. The result is of course healthy skin that will make your new tattoo even more beautiful!

What makes this lotion more suitable for new tattoos, along with all of these specialty ingredients, is that it usually doesn't contain common allergens and irritants. These include petroleum jelly, strong chemicals, and fragrances.

However, this particular lotion absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. This minimizes the itching and irritation that accompanies a healing tattoo. So, if you have severe itching, apply a special lotion to the sensitive area and you will feel relief after a few minutes.