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Best Treatment Options for Neck Pain

Most neck pain is not serious. Often it may be due to the strain due to the usual posture or to abrupt positioning.

Best Proven remedies for neck pain

The processing of your neck pain can be non-surgical and surgical by cause of your neck pain.

One cause of neck pain is a herniated disc. This occurs when your cervical disc located between your cervical vertebrae are misaligned due to mechanical trauma. Herniated discs heal over time. The best way to relieve pain and treat disease is bed rest, restriction of physical activity and mobility. The doctors at Northstar Integrated Health & Physical Medicine Center provide the best treatment of neck pain.

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Other non-surgical effective remedies for neck pain are:

Steroid injections

A traction device that relieves pressure on the nerves – the device is attached and pulls your head while you are lying or sitting.

Cases of cervical stenosis may also be treated with caution, as the pain is limited to the neck, but severe stenosis must undergo a neurosurgeon.

Treatment of cervical neck injury includes anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and muscle relaxants.


If you spend most of your work on an office here are simple but effective ways to prevent neck pain:

Relax your neck muscles especially if you work long hours at your computer.

Simple stretching exercises for your neck muscles can do the trick.