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Applying For Visitor Visa Australia On Behalf Of Parents

Visa applicants applying for a Tourist visa to their parents are being asked for more time and money due to rising visa costs. If you apply for a tourist visa, there is no need to pass the Balance of Family test.

A visitant visa for blood relatives to Australia can be very affordable. This visa allows seniors to spend more time with their families. Some visitor visas also have an extended validity. You can apply online for some visas. 

Parents Temporary Visa

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Furthermore, these visas for short periods are very affordable and you will be approved by the immigration authorities within one to two months. You can stay up to 12 months on each visit and you will be able to have multiple entries.

Your parents would love to come and live with you in the land of kangaroos. You haven't seen your parents in years and you want to meet them again. To obtain an Australian parent visa you must meet certain criteria.

Your child must be a PR holder/citizen:

If their child is a permanent resident holder or citizen, they may be eligible for assistance. Only if the child has lived in the country for at least two years, they could sponsor them.

Family balance criteria must be met:

Each parent must meet the family balance criteria. They must pass the test. They can apply for the Australian Parent Visa if half their children are PR holders or citizens.

Health and Character:

They must meet the health and character requirements. They must have a medical evaluation, x-rays, HIV testing, and a medical checkup. Non-contributory parent visa applicants must also undergo the same procedure before they are granted a non-contributory parental visa grant.