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All About Deep Drawn Presswork

Deep drawing presswork is an industrial method for turning a sheet of metal into a 3-dimensional structure by drawing it "blank" into a die that slices the metal and finally creates the shape necessary for the finished product. You can know more about deep draw presses via

Deep Drawn Pressings for a Diversity of Applications

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Typically, the process is referred to as deeper drawing whenever the drawing's depth component is greater than its diameter. 

The ability to draw the full depth of the piece is achieved by drawing it again and again through several dies until the final result is a metal mold or 'cup shape. This is known as reduction.

Deep drawn presswork isn't an easy process. Most of the time the desired dimension of a part is not possible to form into shape after the first reduction. The component must undergo further reductions until the desired size is reached. The method is also complicated due to the dynamics that are dependent on the type of material being employed. 

While the majority of materials can be used for deep drawing from a bank that is flat into molds" mold" in certain instances of deep drawn presswork certain metals aren't as malleable as other metals and due to the intense amounts of stress applied to the material during this process.

There are many advantages to using the method of deep-drawn pressing, for instance, the ability to produce huge quantities of a particular product or part; once the equipment and dice needed for cutting the product have been created the process can run with minimal interruption and with minimal upkeep.