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All about Composite Wood Siding

Siding is a construction material that protects the exterior of a building from the effects of weather and heat loss. Sidings can also be used to improve the look of the exterior of the building. 

The siding can be constructed of wood, metal or masonry, plastic, and composite material. A variety of composite materials are utilized for the production of siding. They include asbestos, fiber cement, asphalt, aluminum, and so on. 

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Composite siding consists of wood, and also products that resemble wood. There are various kinds of siding offered, such as clapboard Vertical board, roofing the horizontal lap, shakes plywood, and hardwood sheet.

The siding made of composite wood is available in a variety of textures that could be employed to beautify the exterior of a structure. It can be classified into three kinds like hardboard, particleboard, and medium-density fiberboard. 

The three types of sidings comprise mainly wood products and cellulosic materials with different dimensions. Cellulosic particles are joined to each other with the aid of the binder or synthetic resin that is subjected to extreme pressure and temperatures. 

The main drawback with medium density fiberboard, also known as MDF and particle boards involves the utilization of formaldehyde in order to create these boards. Formaldehyde does not play a role in the production of hardboards.

Composite wood siding is produced by inter-felting lingo-cellulosic fibers under heat and pressure. It's also known as engineered siding because it is constructed out of engineered wood.