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Accessorize Yourself – How To Wear A Circle Scarf

If you ever search for a multitasking fashion accessory, the circle scarf is the right for you. What we need is something we can use, but at the same time does not provide additional stress to what we do. Why a circle scarf? 

These head wraps allow many uses without having to meet complicated patterns. It can be put on various methods. 

Another advantage with this scarf is that you should not be aware of the extremities unlike other types requiring a sophisticated style.

Here are some fabulous ways on how to wear a circle scarf:

  • If your circle scarf is just enough and not too huge, a coward hood neck style would do the trick. Just place it on your head. The smaller circle scarves are often seen with this style because their length is not enough for more complex styles. 

  • There are also longer scarfs that must be wrapped twice for a fashionable hood. You will make a hood that is just in line with your chest or above that. For longer circle scarves, always buckle twice to have the appearance of a beautiful hood.

  • Another piece of advice on how to wear a circle scarf is to wear it as a turtleneck. Take your scarf and place it around your neck several times to make the ground of earth. You can control your coward or tight, you want your scarf to be. It's not like your regular high on Turtleneck's turn has a fixed look.

  • You can also wear it as a hood. Wear it around the head and then turn to loop it for an appearance of the hood. Many women use this style especially when it's too cold outside or too sunny.