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6 Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch packing can be a frustrating event as there is always debate about lunch ideas. Most people have old leftovers and when it's lunchtime they still buy their lunch.

However, there's no need to buy your lunch anymore, because we have a collection of 10 cooler lunch ideas for you. Best of all, you will likely save money when preparing lunch. If you want to learn chicken recipe then you can look for the following website:


1. Sandwich on a roll, salad with noodles, fruit salad, a handful of nuts, and a bottle of water. The sandwich rolls are great because they don't taste like a sandwich at all. You can use flatbread or open flatbread, whichever is available to you. Discard some meat products, lettuce, mayonnaise, and a pinch of mustard.

2. Bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, a few raisins, and cashews. It's classic and sure to pamper your palate. You can also cook french fries and peaches to combine.

3. How about a burrito with cheese, mango slices, and salad? You can buy a box of roasted seeds for around $ 1.50 which divides into 4 or 5 burritos. Mango offers a refreshing dessert that complements the weight of the nuts.

4. For dessert, try tomato soup, saltine crackers, grilled cheese, pickles, and yogurt.

5. Sushi is a great lunch because it stimulates conversation. But if raw fish doesn't suit your needs, try vegetarian sushi rolls. Add some sesame cake and miso soup. The best thing about miso soup is that it is cheap and miso paste will keep it in your fridge forever.

6. Everyone loves tacos, but they can get really messy. Make a taco salad instead. You are using the same ingredients but crack the taco shell on top. Remember to separate everything before you are ready to eat. Mixing everything up before you go to work creates a wet mess.