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6 Great Features of a Messenger Bot

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a chatbot which integrates into the Facebook platform and enables users to communicate directly with the merchants as it may relate to their order, returns, FAQs, etc. Chatbots assist automate the entire process of numerous customer support requests and serves as a chatting interface, similar to Facebook messenger. A Messenger Bot is able to be hosted on Facebook's official application platform. Most bots offer you the convenience of using chat or voice calls for communicating with the customer directly from your mobile device or desktop.

The features and options of your Messenger Bot depend upon your business requirements, so always ask questions before you purchase a Chatbot. Below are some common features which can be included in your Facebook Messenger Bot.

* Customer Management – The Customer Management feature is an integral part of most ChatBots. It allows your chatbot to generate a report on the number of sales generated by your bot. Also, it provides details of where your customers are and how long they stayed at your store. This can help you track where your customers are located and how long they spend in your store.

* Payment Management – A Chat Bot enables your customer to make payments and requests through its integrated PayPal account. This means that your customers can make purchases using their PayPal account from anywhere at any time.

* Messaging – You can send messages from your Messenger Bot to your customers using various platforms like Twitter, SMS, MMS, etc. The messages are sent to your customers at any time of the day, which allows them to receive your messages anytime of the day.

* Order Status Tracking – In most cases, a Chatbot will provide you with real time statistics on the number of orders that have been made, number of sales and orders placed. You can also track the location of your clients and see their location on the map based on their Facebook profile, this can help you understand how much space is required in your store.

* News Feeds – With the help of social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, you can get to know about the latest news about your business. This can enable you to enhance your brand image.

* Shopping Cart – With the help of a Messenger Bot, you can seamlessly integrate the functionality of a shopping cart within the chat window of your website. The shopping cart allows you to manage your products as well as their shipping charges and rates. This feature allows you to send a message to your customers informing them about your store discounts or promotions, allowing them to purchase the items they want on your website through your online shop.

* Delivery Service – You can integrate your delivery service into your ChatBot, which can provide your customers with the option to make deliveries to their homes, offices, shops and other locations. This can help you improve your customer interaction.

* Shopping Cart – The Messenger Bot allows you to create multiple shopping carts. You can choose the best one for your customers according to their shopping preferences and purchase patterns.

* Product Tracker – A Message Bot enables you to track the performance of your products, by tracking the number of orders received by your store, the conversion rate among these orders and the total number of orders that have been made. in a given period of time. You can use this data to create marketing campaigns for future sales.

* Inventory – A Messenger Bot enables you to track and monitor the stock level of your products, allowing you to easily compare the stock levels of your products based on the available stock in your store. You can create a graph based on your previous trends, which will help you analyze which products have low inventory and which ones are high.